How do I use a Jade Face Massage Roller? Skin care ritual beauty

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How do I use a Jade Face Massage Roller?

Jade rollers are all the rage these days! I thought I should write about these wonderful beauty aids. 

Why is used? The Jade Roller is used for a lymphatic massage and the original idea comes from an Ancient Chinese secret that every skincare ritual can benefit from.

It helps get rid of toxins, reduce puffiness, and improve blood circulation to even skin tone. When used with serums and facial oils, it helps treatments move more deeply into the skin, deliver more nutrients, and increase skin benefits.

Look out for Hand-polished 100% grade-A Jade gemstones when you purchase these rollers.  Note as well that there are different roller sizes for versatility and effectiveness.

As one of the most beautifying healing stones, Jade is reputed to soothe tension and stress, ease anxiety, and balance chi—all of which are crucial ingredients for having a clear, smooth skin.

Key Benefits

  • Even skin tone
  • Improve skin elasticity
  • Reduce puffiness and fine lines
  • Improve circulation
  • Reduce dark under-eye circles
  • Tighten and reduce pore size
  • Enhance product absorption
  • De-stress facial muscles

Because these stones are natural, each jade roller is pretty unique.

How do I Use a roller? Make sure that you have washed your skin and cleared all make-up. If you are rolling at night, make sure that you put on your serums and creams. The roller will ensure that all the serums embed if your skin deeply. You can also keep your roller in the fridge to provide additional cooling.

Start from your neck upwards and roll to your chin. Go over each area around 4-5 times. From your nose roll gently towards your ear. The key is to radiate outward, gently.

From your eyebrow roll upwards to your hairline (temple area). Use the smaller roller to roll from your eye (gently here), and go outwards from your eye to the edge of your face.

After your rolling process, do make sure to clean your roller with a mild soap and water. After all this is going to be used on your precious face! Hope this helps.

Here are a few of our Jade rollers if you are interested in experiencing this beauty regime:


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