About us: Voicenatural team. Why did we start this business?

Free shipping to USA & Canada! Our cause: We donate to UNICEF to support children in need.

Our Story

Why did we start this store?

We had a number of skin issues because we used beauty products with harsh chemicals while we were growing up. We did not know any better! As we grew older, we decided to research more into natural and vegan products. We found a few products that really work for us. We are against animal testing and want to do our best to promote cruelty-free beauty products. That was the origin of our little online shop- voicenatural.com
Our suppliers are based in the US and Canada and so we are sure about the quality of the products we sell and about the speed of shipping. That gives us some comfort that we are doing right by our customers!

Our Brand: 

We picked the brand name, voicenatural, to signify that these products represent nature's true voice. One that we sometimes do not stop and listen to. By making the right choices about what we consume and use, we can create an sustainable future for ourselves and future generations.


Our Cause:

When the current health crisis broke out, we announced our contribution program to the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund, (UNICEF). To support children impacted by these unprecedented times, we will be donating a part of our earnings to UNICEF. UNICEF is working to protect children and their families impacted by the coronavirus.

Our donations from your purchases will help UNICEF supply essential supplies to prevent the spread of coronavirus. UNICEF helps provide children and families with critical protection, healthcare and education.